Coupled one-storey plane frames

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Coupled one-storey plane frames

As coupled plane frames are defined the plane frames that are connected in such a way that, subject to horizontal forces, they present uniform displacements.

The crossbars of the one-bay frames illustrated in the figure have a practically infinite moment of inertia. Both columns of the first frame have moment of inertia Ι whereas the two columns of the second have Ι and 8Ι respectively.

The structural frame model fully stiffened, project <B_520>

In project <B_520> of the related software, the cross-section of columns C1, C2 and C3 is 400/400 and C4 is 800/400. The height of all columns is 5.0 m. The cross-section of the flanged beam is 250/500/1010/150 and its span is 5.0 m.

Analysis results of project <B_520> with actual beam and column stiffness (graphical representation in the related software)

Elastic line, δ=8.078 mm

Shear force diagrams

Bending moment diagram