The Buildinghow Team having a deep knowledge of the market of reinforced concrete works, focuses on understanding the needs of both the engineers and the contractors.

Particularly in the rebar industry, we have developed the know-how for the detailing and the manufacture of stirrups, especially suitable for earthquake resistant buildings. We provide support for developing the market, installing the industrial production line and training the personnel of the industrial unit, covering all stages of the production.

Industrial spiral stirrups Thorax TM

Our know-how on the subject, combined with extensive experience, has been utilized in Greece by setting up, from scratch, the industrialization of spiral stirrups of arbitrary shape, named “Thorax”. As the “Thorax” business proved to very successful, we are now prepared to provide our know-how to rebar industries worldwide.

Real time presentation of three stirrups types, a traditional one and the two innovative types.

Three-minute video of TV news broadcasting after the Athens earthquake on September 7th 1999.

Full Industrialized Cellular Stirrups TM

This technology is still in design stage.

Despite being similar in many aspects with the already installed technology Thorax, it is altogether innovative and anticipated to create new data in the rebar industry, through the advanced metallurgy and the new composites’ technology.