For RC drawings, detailing and material management.

- Based on BIM data, creates automatically:
• Drawings and details in 2D and 3D
• All materials’ quantity take-off
• Exports data for any software
- Human intelligent drawings’ editing
- Confirms materials’ orders via 4D simulation

Detailing outputs, reports and drawings (Sample project)


Concrete analytical estimation
Framework analytical estimation
Final detailing drawings in A1 size
C.10 C.20 C.30
C.40 C.50 C.55

Steel fixer:

Rebar analytical catalogues
Final detailing drawings in A1 size
R.20 R.30 R.30.B
R.40 R.50


Quantities and cost estimation

The real-time simulation ensures the accuracy of the rebar quantity take-offs and lists

HoloBIM's structural FE model can be exported to ETABS - or similar application - for analysis and design and back

  HoloBIM Input
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  HoloBIM Output
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 Connection with ETABS
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